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Infection Control Support in 2021 and beyond

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Infection Control Support in 2021 and beyond

With over 20 years experience in the care industry, Andway’s vision has always been to transform the standard of service within the care industry, by providing an unrivalled and personalised service. This customer-centric approach has been tested to the max over the last 12 months with global supply chain disruption and the avalanche of ever-evolving guideline changes applicable to care homes. 

However, Head of Sales, Jay Ledgeway and his team have been galvanised by the impact of the pandemic on their customers, to reach out to care homes and to develop and provide a whole new level of support. He feels this will now need to become the industry norm, particularly in the area of infection prevention and control (IPC).

IPC advice & support

Over the last year the care industry has seen multiple, and at times, confusing guideline introductions and changes, from organisations such as WHO, PHE and subsequently CQC and there have been many incidents of panic buying, and a jammed switchboard with customers  looking for help in clarifying compliant products.

The marketplace was also subject to ‘new players’, particularly online, and as could be seen by the governments mask supply issues, it was incredibly easy to buy a non-compliant product.

Working with both established and emerging suppliers, Andway saw a clear need to develop and publish impartial guides to help care home managers and care home owners make the right and informed choices. The growing download suite now includes guides to Gloves, Masks, Sanitisation vs Disinfectant vs Anti-Virucidal cleaning, Wipes, IPC and Laundry.

2021 and Introduction of an XLA

The reaction to this impartial and informed support was the platform to create and launch in January 2021 a 5-pronged proactive way of working together titled an XLA (Experience Level Agreement). Inclusive of Customer Care, Cost Control, Compliance, Accessibility and Supply, the XLA embodies how the team approach and operate within all customer interactions and services.

Jay Ledgeway ‘I can now see that the level of service afforded to care homes has pivoted to a new norm, with no place left for anything less than a partnership approach to problem solving, working together on care home priorities and supporting the management in every way possible. This is particularly important in the infection prevention and control arena’.   

Cost reduction in IPC 

In a recent customer survey, over 47% of respondents stated an urgent need to reduce costs in infection control, with budgets having spiralled out of all control, particularly in the early months of the pandemic.

Usage audits and spend reports

Having always worked with customers to help them monitor usage and spend vs budgets, this has now developed into an Infection Control Audit service, which allows each site to review usage of all infection control including PPE products with a view to streamlining and improving efficacy at the same time.  

PIC and laundry

In this COVID era laundry considerations are again under scrutiny by many care homes and care environments to avoid the risk of infection through clothing and bedding.

 The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says Coronavirus is typically transmitted through respiratory droplets (from an infected person sneezing or coughing) rather than through objects and materials that can transfer the virus if they become contaminated. However, CDC guidelines also note that the virus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials, including clothing. We have seen a plethora of advice and claims that additional sanitising products need to be added to a wash, leaving care homes having to make decisions which impact both cost and staff training time. Our position has again been to provide impartial advice on a detergent-based wash regime which will kill enveloped viruses without the need for additional and budget-breaking products.      

IPC and furniture

As a result of the pandemic increases in cleaning regimes are now the norm and again care homes have needed impartial help in understanding if their existing cleaning products adhere to any new guidelines around furniture cleaning or in selecting new products.

IPC product consolidation

A key feature of the XLA is to work with each customer going forward to consolidate product lines, focusing on infection control in the first instance as this is the second largest overspend next to staffing costs in most care homes. 

IPC budgeting support

Care homes are offered budgeting support and insights using the results from audits, usage metrics, consolidation reviews in conjunction with management consultations and discussions.  

Regulatory support

All care homes are kept up to date with changes in guidelines and how these affect product and service choices.

IPC Innovation

The care home market now has an even wider choice of IPC products and services, from anti-viral door handles to air sterilisers and Andway understand the responsibility they hold to be able to help and advise their customers accordingly.

With so many businesses pivoting to a digital-only offering, Jay and the team at Andway believe that working together on literally life-threatening issues such as IPC can only be approached as a combined and personalised responsibility, a million miles removed from the traditional buyer-supplier relationship. The stakes are simply too high.

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Infection Control |Furniture Guide

We recently produced an Infection Control Guide, detailing the current regulations around cleaning chemicals and Covid 19. 

Following on from this, we would now like to offer you our Infection Control and Furniture Guide to download for free.

In this guide we explain the considerations which care home settings now have to take when choosing and maintaining furniture. If you'd like to download the guide please click below: 

Infection Control And furniture Guide:

Employee of the month March

Andway's Finance team have had an exciting month with a double win of employee awards!

Firstly we celebrated Elaine, our Accounts Administrator, picking up the Employee of the Month award. Followed shortly after by Finance Manager Nicky winning Manager of the Month!

Congratulations team Finance (shown here in their working from home set ups)

Infection control guide

In our recent survey, 47.6% of participants stated that they were aiming to change their spend on 'Infection Control' in the coming year. 

We want to help you choose the right products for your care home, and part of this is ensuring that your disinfectants and cleaning products are the highest possible quality to help fight against Covid-19.


What is EN 14476?

EN 14476 certification means the cleaning product contains antiviral ingredients and is required to kill viruses.

There is no current test to assess the specific SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, testing against EN14476 can confirm 99.99% kill against all Enveloped Viruses including the Coronavirus family of viruses.

Which products meet EN 14476 standard?

View Andway's  EN 14476 infection control products

Download our Infection Control Guide to find about the current advice around infection control and which Andway products have been EN 14476 certified.

Download our infection control guide here

Employee of the month February


And the winner is... Kathryn!

Congratulations to Kathryn Smith from our Customer Service team for winning the first 'Employee of the Month' Award for 2021. Kathryn was nominated for always going above and beyond to help our customers as well as her colleagues.

Kathryn spun our wheel of fortune and managed to land herself the star prize!



Andway Healthcare have launched an online booking service!  

Andway have your Customer Care Programme in hand 

We have worked hand in hand with our customers for over 20 years with the sole aim of providing a world class level of customer service and to make the experience as easy and as smooth as possible. 

We would be delighted to introduce the Andway Customer Care Programme and explain the levels of service you can look forward to if you become an Andway customer…   

Watch our customer care video here:

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Using our online booking service, you can book a 15 minute appointment with our Customer Care team to discuss how we can help you.  

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Are you guaranteed a fast and effective LOLER service?

Are you guaranteed a fast and effective LOLER service?

We know when it comes to care home equipment, reliability and efficiency is key. Care providers need safe, functioning equipment to effectively care for residents, as well as the guarantee of a rapid repairs service to reduce or avoid downtime.

How can we help? 

We partner with our customers, communicating in advance of, and after, any work which needs to be completed. This allows us to offer a fast, one-stop solution to any LOLER, servicing, maintenance or equipment repairs.

Our Servicing helpdesk provides over-the-phone support to customers with the aim of solving any equipment issues without calling out an engineer.

If our engineers are needed, they rapidly respond to call outs and carry essential parts so they can fix your issues there and then wherever possible.

Would you like to find out about our fast and reliable LOLER service?

Call our team on 01423 331000 now

Wipe Selection Guide

Cleaning removes dirt, debris, and some germs while sanitising and disinfecting specifically address germs. Sanitising lowers the number of germs to safe levels but doesn’t necessarily kill them, while disinfecting calls upon chemicals to kill the majority of germs present.

Cleaning and sanitising are two things you already know are vital to keeping your home clean and free of dirt, allergens, and day-to-day germs. Disinfecting, on the other hand, is vital in the combat against viruses such as COVID-19.

It is important to ensure you select the correct wipe for your cleaning goal...  Our new guide can be downloaded by clicking here and is designed to make it easy for you..

Glove Buyers Guide

Gloves are an essential part of equipment and they are used in various workplace situations.

It can sometimes be unclear which glove is best to use and the different options available.

There are also several things to consider before choosing your best glove type.  We have therefore produced this guide to help make things that little bit clearer.

You can download it by clicking here


Correct Face Mask Selection

Andway Guide to mask selection and use.

Andway Healthcare have put this simple guide together as we are being asked daily for guidance on which mask should be used.

In this guide we cover type 1, type 2 and type 2R sterile 3ply disposable masks, civilian disposable masks and FFP2 maximum filtration masks.

Freel free to download from this link Click Here