Meet The Team

I started Andway Healthcare in 2000. I head up the company as the MD, I have 5 managers working under me who are responsible for different areas of the business. I mainly get involved in Strategy and financial work I also work with the individual managers and team where needed. For 3 years I was a CEO for a small private school.
Warehouse Manager
I joined Andway in 2014. I load and unload vans and pick customers orders. I start work most mornings at 5am and regularly come in at 4am to get ahead so we have a better day.
Head of Sales/National Account Manager
I joined Andway in 2017. I have experience in many areas of the business and I'm a go to resource for colleagues and customers alike. Now heading up the sales team, I am your point of contact for queries, questions and quotations. I'm the owner of Andway mascots Bella & Maisie the dogs!
Goods In Operative
I joined Andway in 2018. I manage the Goods-In while also picking and dispatching customers orders. I was named after Barry McGuigen the boxer as he won the World title the night I was born.
Field Service Engineer
Mike is a vastly experienced field service engineer, with years of experience in maintenance of a huge range of equipment including hoists, baths, beds, scales, mattresses, wheelchairs and much more. Mike carry's out your LOLER inspections, maintenance and urgent call outs for equipment diagnostics and repairs and takes huge pride in being able to provide a first visit fix for our clients to keep you up and running wherever humanly possible.
Operations Manager
I started at Andway in 2008. I work with the warehouse and purchasing teams to achieve our strategic goals. I am very interested in politics
James joined us as a driver in August 2021. His friendly and professional approach to his work makes him very popular with our customers and colleagues alike and he is always on hand for a chat and to resolve any issues for our customers. In his spare time he enjoys (bravely!) volunteering with Calder Rescue as a Motorsport Rescue Technician.
Executive Assistant
I joined Andway in 2019 I have the privilege of supporting our Managing Director with a diverse range of tasks, covering various facets of our business operations. My primary goal, like that of all our dedicated employees, is to consistently surpass our customers' expectations. I am the best looking employee and occasionally tell small white lies for fun..
Business Development Associate
I joined the Andway team in 2021. I spend my days contacting customers new and old looking for ways to help them get the full benefit of working with Andway Healthcare. Contacting prospective customers and informing them about Andway's services and products. I can't stand tapping noises/pen clicking, despite usually being the fidget in the office.
Multi Drop Delivery Driver
After running a successful gardening business for many years, Mark joined Andway permanently in April after helping us with some relief driving work throughout winter. His can do and friendly attitude was an instant hit with our customers and colleagues alike and we are very happy to welcome him full time to the business. Mark is always on hand to answer any questions and will always bend over backwards to do his best for our customers.
Purchasing Manager
I joined Andway in 2022. I Manage the Purchasing Department, and ensure we are fully stocked on all key lines. Regularly meeting with our Suppliers and actively looking to expand our product range. I once saw the Loch Ness Monster and love cooking, claiming to be much better than Jamie Oliver...
Sales Ledger
I started at Andway in 2022. I specialize in credit control while also taking charge of supplier payments and supporting the financial health of the business. Collaborating closely with our finance team, I ensure seamless coordination and efficiency in our operations. Additionally, I work alongside Theresa from the purchase ledger team leveraging our combined expertise to enhance financial processes and optimize cash flow. My proactive approach and attention to detail contribute to the organization's overall financial stability and success. I grew up in South Africa and rode Lions to school. We moved when I was 15.
Customer Service Manager
I joined the Andway team in 2022. I make sure our customers are looked after on a daily basis. Checking orders are going out correctly, providing quotations, answering queries and making sure they can concentrate on doing what they do best. I am a mad Formula One fan. It is on my bucket list to go to Silverstone to watch a race weekend!
Servicing Team Manager
I joined Andway in 2014. I manage and oversee the servicing, inspections, repairs and installations division of the business from scheduling inspections and repairs to raising quotes, sourcing spares and answering a variety of queries and questions from customers and colleagues alike! I enjoy exploring different cuisines and visiting Michelin starred restaurants
Customer Service Executive
I joined Andway in 2023. On a daily basis I handle customer inquiries, place orders, resolve issues and provide product and service information on everything we offer and the servicing side of the business. I interact with customers and homes through both email and phone to maintain positive relationships. I was an avid sleep-talker and sleep-walker as a child - I once even left the house!
Customer Service Executive
I joined Andway in 2023. Answering phones, quoting, daily ring around and order inputting, sorting queries and annoying the rest of the team. I have flown on a Hercules.
Marketing & Business Development Manager
I joined Andway in 2023. I work with Aarron, helping to develop and grow our customer base, whilst also looking after our marketing. Complete petrol head with a love for fast cars, rallying, drifting and drag racing.

Other Members of the Andway Team: