Incontinence Care

Andway have sourced and developed a comprehensive range of adult incontinence care products, including net pants, pads, bed pads, adult diapers and pull-ups designed to ensure dignity and protection for those with light, medium or heavy incontinence.

It is vitally important our customers can completely rely on our products to offer the best performance, comfort and fit.

Our adult care range is available in a large range of sizes.

With discretion, comfort, protection and skin health all of equal importance, using high quality materials and a forward-thinking design approach ensures we have developed solutions that respond to all these needs.

Andway Incontinence Assessment and Training Service.

We all share the same objective - to provide your clients with the best incontinence product for their needs.

Andway are proud to offer, in conjunction with our incontinence partners, an onsite incontinence training and assessment service.

Our team of Nurse Advisors will carry out Incontinence Product Training sessions for both Nurses and Carers and cover topics in detail including pad selection, absorbencies, layers of a pad, wetness indicators, when to change a pad, skin care, appropriate use of bed protection sheets, inappropriateness of double padding and storage.

Simply call our Customer Service team on 01423 331000 to discuss this unique training further.