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A range of sanitisation products for care homes and other businesses, including disinfectants, wipes and other sanitisation products. We are able to offer help and advice in choosing the correct products for your environments.

Most employers and organisations comply with and follow hygiene and infection control regulations, however this pandemic has opened up the question of cleanliness and has more people considering safe practice, and what that would involve.

As each day passes we have new Health & Safety guidelines. Staff are also advised to report their employer to the HSE if they do not feel their concerns are being addressed with regards to anti-COVID-19 measures being in place.

Communal touch points including door handles, toilet handles, windows, push plates, crockery drawers and storage cupboards all now need to be cleaned and sanitised much more frequently, ideally after every use, and each employee issued with a carry-around hand gel sanitiser.

Each work station is to be equipped with sanitiser for use on keyboards, telephones and desks everyday. Communal areas are to be deep cleaned on a regular basis including air sterilisation and ‘fogging’ suggested as appropriate.

For further Covid-19 related products, please see our PPE and Coronavirus products pages for masks, gloves and cleaning products. 

Sanitisation Resources, Help and Advice

Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic: information for providers (CQC)
Regulation 15: Premises and equipment (CQC)
New guidance launched to help get Brits safely back to work (gov.uk)

ACTIFLOOR Floor Cleaner 5L

ACTIFLOOR Floor Cleaner 5L
£13.95 (excl VAT)

Detox Antibacterial Wipes PK80

£4.99 (excl VAT)

ACTICLEANSE Kitchen Sanitiser 5L

Kitchen Sanitizer - Nursing Home Supplies
£14.55 (excl VAT)

ATAC Safe Toilet Cleaner (1L)

ATAC Safe Toilet Cleaner (1L)
£2.30 (excl VAT)

Bactericidal Hard Surface Cleaner -5L

Bactericidal Hard Surface Cleaner -5L
£7.85 (excl VAT)

CAREDRY Excel Medium Patient Wipe 28x100

CAREDRY Excel Medium Patient Wipe
£35.00 (excl VAT)

Caredry Airlaid Wash Cloth Dry Patient Wipe

Caredry Airlaid Wash Cloth Dry Patient Wipe
£41.38 (excl VAT)

Caremoist Bucket Wipe 26x30 cm (150)

Caremoist Wipe
£9.14 (excl VAT)